Lighting Maintenance in Grand Rapids

Here at YESCO Grand Rapids we recognize how important your lighting is to you. From the general appearance of your location, to the safety considerations for your customers and employees, to the experience you want both to have while they are on your site- each of these factors requires that you have sufficient lighting and that it is functioning properly.


Our Specialties

Lighting maintenance is a specialty of ours! We have the inventory, the equipment, and software components to get the job done right, quickly, efficiently. We do all types of building lighting including wall packs, soffit and entry way lighting, canopy lights, as well as accent and trim lighting. We also do premise lighting including spot lights, parking lot poles, parking garage fixtures, stairwell lighting, etc.


Whatever the fixture, we are prepared to handle whatever might be wrong with it- from a burned out bulb or ballast, to electrical or wiring problems, to actual damage to the housing components or pole.

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