Neon Sign Repair in Grand Rapids, MI

We at YESCO Grand Rapids have a great appreciation for Neon! It revolutionized the sign industry, defined American culture, and has come to represent all that is glamorous, loud, and exciting. We want to help you keep your Neon sign bright so that it can have the effect you want it to for your business.


Our Specialties

Our team specializes in all types of Neon sign repair! Our technicians have the technical knowledge, the proper equipment, and product knowledge to get you taken care of- whether you are a movie theater with acres of Neon lettering and trim, a retail business with Neon channel letters, or a small shop with a fancy Neon sign in the window.


Whatever form Neon takes at your business, we are prepared to resolve all of the common issues you are likely to face- including Neon outage (whether partial or full), dimness, discoloration, broken tubes/ glass, corrosion, a bad transformer, or faulty wiring.

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