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hamilton sign repair   hamilton sign repair

Before and after of Urban Planet, Eastgate Sq., Hamilton, ON


Our office is in Hamilton, ON, so naturally we keep a close eye on our neighbors signs.  Urban Planet at Eastgate Square recently joined the list of our regular customers that get their signs and parking lot lighting checked after dark regularly.  We do night patrols for our customers to see what their brand looks like after most managers have gone home.  If we see an issue that they should know about, then we take some photos and forward them to the local decision makers to see if its something they would like to repair.   We tie in multiple locations in the same area each time we visit to avoid having to charge any travel time at all.


energy-efficient lighting hamilton   energy-efficient lighting hamilton

Before and after of B & M Technical on the South Service Rd. in Stoney Creek

B & M Technical on the South Service Rd. in Stoney Creek went from completely dark to fully illuminated.  This particular location is facing the QEW highway and has thousands of passers by every hour.  Robert realizes how important it is to keep his sign lighting with all those opportunities passing by.



Quiznos Sub in Ancaster, Ontario knows how great it is to have a BRIGHT sign that is energy efficient.  Many entreprenuers we call upon are OK with their signs that are not illuminating yet they are on busy streets that are creating opportunities for the passer “buy”.  Thank you Meuay Luang-Asa for the business.

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