Lighting Maintenance Kansas City

Here at YESCO Kansas City, we are all about taking care of your lighting and signage! We even send out patrollers on a regular basis to look at them for you and see that everything is lit and functioning properly- and as a free service!


Lighting Maintenance:

Additionally, for a set monthly rate we can just go ahead and fix whatever we find wrong, promptly, and at no repair cost to you. This allows you to plan expenses into your budget, to get it taken care of without having to hassle with and schedule it yourself, and most of all to ensure that your lighting always looks its best! Ask us about our lighting maintenance service, and we can work with you to make this happen.


Lighting Repair:

We are prepared to take on any lighting repair job! Whether indoor or outdoor, warehouse or parking garage, parking lot poles or premise lighting, even building fixtures such as wall packs and soffit lighting. Nothing is too large or too small, or too high for us to get to with our bucket trucks! Give us a call today and our friendly Service Manager will get you taken care of.

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