YESCO Outdoor Media Sponsors Utah 100 Event

Earlier this month, the MountainWest Capital Network held the annual Utah 100 event, honoring the 100 fastest growing companies in Utah, along with 16 emerging businesses.

This was the third year YESCO Outdoor Media has sponsored this event as an advertising partner, providing networking opportunities with all of the attendees, as well as access to the Winner’s Circle reception. The 21st annual awards presentation brought a record number of attendees and included congratulations from Governor Gary Herbert and a keynote speech from Ty Bennet. More information on this year’s Utah 100 winners can be found here. 12208860_635735556566932_6957821733860869919_n
A Better Billboard

Have you seen YESCO's new outdoor ads?

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The dynamic "A Better Billboard" campaign is currently running in all of our markets.  Messages are displayed on 14' x 48' digital billboards.

D. Duane Wardle Retires
Duane Wardle

D. Duane Wardle formally passed the torch of YESCO chief financial officer (CFO) to Christopher M. Record on September 30, 2015.

Duane first came to YESCO in 1968 as an employee of Peat Marwick Mitchell, a public accounting firm. He spent his first summer at YESCO performing audits at the Las Vegas region office.

“Tom Young Sr. rescued me from public accounting,” Duane said. I had 150 clients, 150 bosses and I wanted only one and a career at YESCO.” At the time Duane didn’t have an adding machine so Mr. Young loaned him his personal machine. Unfortunately, it broke the first day. “It’s funny they didn’t fire me, Duane recalls. Mr. Young sent it out to get fixed and deducted the cost of the repair from Peat Marwick’s bill.”

Within the first year of working at YESCO, Duane was instrumental in securing a large loan transaction. “I remember holding the check. I had never seen a check that big,” said Duane.

“If I had to do it all over again 47 year later, I would do very little different. I wanted the job at YESCO from the first day I walked in. The business was exciting−advertising, leasing, manufacturing−what else could you want?,” Duane reminisced.

During his tenure, Duane spearheaded several lease programs at YESCO, including training and certification of hundreds managers and account executives. In 2008 Utah Business Magazine named him Chief Financial Officer of the Year for Large Private Companies.

The Young family and the entire YESCO team wish Duane and his family the very best.

Tropicana Atlantic City
YESCO recently completed the integration of a spectacular electronic display system at the Tropicana Atlantic City Casino & Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Tropicana Atlantic City is one of the largest properties on the famed Boardwalk.

YESCO’s display system fulfilled Tropicana’s objective to become the main attraction on the Boardwalk. Through collaboration with SOSH Architects and Massett Building, the general contractor, YESCO’s creative team created a new look for the resort’s exterior that delivers a dynamic medium, immersing visitors with experiential show content while promoting the venue and generating advertising through branded media.

The dramatic Boardwalk entrance to Tropicana AC consists of five dynamic LED pylons centered by a 60’ display. The pylons are connected by an undulating series of intricate panels made up of multiple layers of decorative metal and programmable lighting. Lighting is synchronized with audio and media content during show sequences that create dazzling presentations.

YESCO’s technical experts developed a versatile control system and content training for Tropicana’s media team. Consistent with YESCO’s ‘keep it simple’ philosophy regarding project control design, the system provides the ability to create and schedule new content through an existing content distribution network.

Close coordination between YESCO, SOSH and Massett was essential to the success of the project. “YESCO was great to work with all the way through this project. We placed a lot of trust in them, and they proved very worthy partners both creatively and in their ability to develop accurate budgets as the design progressed. We always knew where we were and could present with the confidence that all costs were understood. YESCO’s delivery of such a complex installation within stringent deadlines exceeded our expectations,” said Bill Salerno, SOSH senior partner.

“We just couldn’t be happier with the results and the transformation that this project has brought to Tropicana AC’s presence on the Boardwalk. We imposed some aggressive schedule demands and had very high expectations for the outcome. YESCO delivered true to their word,” said Tony Rodio, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tropicana Entertainment Inc.

“We just couldn’t be happier with the results and the transformation that this project has brought to Tropicana AC’s presence on the Boardwalk. We imposed some aggressive schedule demands and had very high expectations for the outcome. YESCO delivered true to their word,” said Tony Rodio, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tropicana Entertainment Inc. YESCO Tropicana Casino
YESCO Installs Pabst Blue Ribbon Neon Sign

YESCO manufactured and installed the 30" neon sign located on the corner of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Grand Canyon University

The project goal was to create a prominent display on the interstate, with the intention of standing out from the saturated billboard market. Our solution was to angle the support pipe and pole cover so as to give the effect that the display was reaching out toward the interstate, in addition to the various branding techniques that we deployed.

Hole in One

Salt Lake City offers some of the highest rated and best maintained public golf courses in the county. Recently, five of the eight courses in Salt Lake City Golf, recognized the need to retrofit the properties with energy-efficient lighting solutions. YESCO's pros went to work and aced the job.

The project consisted of retrofitting 650 interior and exterior light fixtures at five clubhouses, maintenance sheds and parking lots. "The project was completed on time and under budget, Siemens, a leading supplier of LEDs, is a tremendous partner for YESCO and we hope the relations will continue into the future," said Brad Bourne, Regional Service Sales Manager

YESCO Expands Through Franchising

YESCO recently announced the opening of its newest franchise located in Toledo, Ohio. This is the twelfth territory opened this year. “In the coming months we are focusing our expansion efforts in Daytona Beach, Florida; Traverse City, Michigan and San Antonio, Texas,” said Josh Young, vice president of YESCO Franchising. ”The sign and lighting service business is growing and our franchisees are capitalizing on the opportunities in each market.”

YESCO Franchising was named as a Top Franchise by the 2015 Top Franchise Satisfaction Award, an independent national market research firm focused on the results of franchisee satisfaction. Currently the company operates approximately 70 territories throughout the United States and Canada.

Grapevine City Museum Sign

Restoration of the Grapevine City Museum Sign

Saved from the scrap yard the Grapevine Flower Mart Florist sign had been waiting restoration for many years.  After watching the NBC Today Show featuring YESCO members of the Grapevine,Texas Convention and Visitors Bureau contacted Sam Powell, general manager of YESCO Dallas and his talented team to restore the old sign to its original glory.

The Neon Story

Neon lighting may have been invented in France and popularised in Jazz-era America – but it reached its peak in brash, booming post-war Las Vegas. Now the challenge is to save Vegas neon’s colourful history.

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