Jay Dapper of Dapper Companies contacted YESCO with the goal of obtaining a sign for his high-profile urban redevelopment in the historic Huntridge District of Las Vegas, Nevada. He was adamant that the sign evoke the character of signage present at the time of the neighborhood’s heyday. In collaboration with Mr. Dapper, YESCO’s design team determined the “Googie” style of graphics and architecture would best suit the nature of the development. Many signature Las Vegas signs owe their look to the influences of this style, including the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.

In an effort to match the property’s cash inflow from rent to the property’s expenses. Dapper Companies took advantage of YESCO’s financing terms. “We found the process to be simple and painless. We had some unique requests and working closely with Tony Hull, President of YESCO Financial Solutions, we were able to come up with a financing structure in just a few days. Working with a bank or non-traditional finance company would have been considerably more painful,” said Scott Silver, real estate attorney for Dapper Companies.

Stephen Shortell delivered a creative suite of design options and color combinations which guaranteed that our client’s vision of a modern yet decidedly “retro” pylon would be iconic, indeed.


Huntridge Center sign