Design and Production

Now that you have chosen YESCO, it’s time to create your advertisement. If you’re the do-it-yourself sort, below you will find templates, printing spec sheets, and other materials to help you craft a billboard that seizes viewers’ attention and motivates them to take action. If you’d rather leave the creative to us, our design team is available to assist in the creation of your campaign.

Terms and Conditions

Below are our contract terms and conditions. Take a quick look to learn about space rental periods, production and design services, illumination, and maintenance.

  • Period space rental

    YESCO Outdoor Media contracts our advertising space in 4-week periods, with all contracts beginning on a Monday. The period space rental price is determined by the individual advertising location or the program that is contracted.

  • Production services

    Production services are available for printing and installation/removal of vinyls, extensions, snipes, and custom embellishments. Pricing for these services is available from your YESCO account executive.

  • Design services

    Basic design services are included with a 1-year contract at no cost to our customers. All designs creative by YESCO Outdoor Media and its employees are property of YESCO. Logos, other custom branding design work and photography are not included in the advertising agreement.

  • Illumination

    YESCO offers illumination of our advertising locations from dusk to midnight, seven days a week, at no additional cost to our customers. Illumination until dawn is available in most areas for an additional fee.

  • Maintenance and service

    YESCO’s service staff monitors and maintains our structures and advertisements throughout the advertising contract terms. Service requests can be submitted through

Agency Resources

No task gets done without the right toolbox. As a media buyer or designer, you’re going to need the tools for strategizing and telling people why you’ve entrusted YESCO with helping them achieve their goals. Below you’ll find resources for developing and defending a plan.