YESCO Retrofits Freeway Signage for Thanksgiving Point

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YESCO recently completed a retrofit of Thanksgiving Point’s freeway display in Lehi, Utah. More than 75 feet tall and 46 feet wide, Thanksgiving Point’s freeway display has been updated with a new 19-foot-by-39-foot wide-screen, high-definition, 19-millimeter WatchFire XVS electronic message center. This technology was installed to increase the graphic capability of the EMC content. In addition, the signage also includes internally illuminated pan channel letters and logo cabinets with Thanksgiving Point’s brand colors as well as aluminum channels with white LED cove lighting. This update provides the sign with a much more vibrant look.

“We are elated to help Thanksgiving Point reach their desired target audience through this eye-catching display so they can continue to achieve their mission,” said Jeff Krantz, senior account executive, YESCO.

Thanksgiving Point is a community-owned nonprofit with the mission to bring the joy of learning and the wonders of the natural world to life through world-class experiences that engage, delight and inspire. Created in 1995 by Alan and Karen Ashton, Thanksgiving Point is a center of community engagement and welcomes more than two million visitors to visit, dine, play and explore together. Thanksgiving Point is located at 3003 North Thanksgiving Way in Lehi, Utah. For more information, call 801.768.2300 or visit

YESCO Announces Passing of Board Chairman Thomas Young Jr
Pictured: Thomas Young Jr

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YESCO announces the passing of board chairman, Thomas Young Jr on June 30 , 2023.

“It is with a heavy heart we announce the passing of my father and YESCO board chairman Thomas Young Jr.,” said Michael T. Young, executive chairman, YESCO. “My father lived a full life dedicated to serving not only his family but also his community. The Young family is committed to upholding and honoring his extraordinary legacy of service at YESCO and beyond.”

Thomas Young Jr. was the son of Elmina and Thomas Young Sr. Following Thomas Young Sr. founding YESCO in 1920 in Ogden, Utah, Thomas Young Jr. joined the company in 1942 at the age of 14. He was a servant leader and guided YESCO through years of incredible technology and innovation. As a giant in the sign industry, Thomas Young Jr. was appointed president of the company in 1969 and became board chairman in 1988.

With 65 years of service in the Salt Lake City Rotary Club, Thomas Young Jr. was honored as a second-generation Rotarian following his father’s participation in the chapter throughout his career. With a passion for community service, he and his wife Dwan Young received the 2022 Summit Award from the club. The Summit Award was established in 2020 to recognize long-time members of the Salt Lake City Rotary Club 24 who demonstrated the Rotary motto of “service above self” and have made significant contributions to both the club and the community. 

“We salute Thomas Young Jr. for his unparalleled role in creating the culture of service and excellence YESCO maintains today,” said Jeff Young, executive vice president. “We will miss him dearly, but his extraordinary example of professional and personal achievement will inspire every team member for many years to come.”

YESCO Fabricates, Installs New Delta Center Signage
Delta Center Signage in Progress

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YESCO recently completed the fabrication and installation of 10 new signs for Delta Center in Salt Lake City – home of the Utah Jazz NBA franchise and more than 320 days of sports and entertainment events each year. As part of the new partnership between the Jazz and Delta Air Lines, which officially kicks off on Saturday, July 1, guests can now view the airline’s nostalgic return to the iconic venue.

The project encompassing more than 500 man-hours over a nine-week-long period included the addition of 5,000 white LEDs inside the building’s 72 exterior letters and cabinets. Made from aluminum material, the six exterior signs feature the Delta Air Lines colors painted on perforated vinyl. During the day, blue and red colors are visible, and at night, all letters illuminate white. The largest exterior letters are over six feet tall.

As part of the interior signage project, YESCO fabricated and installed four 17-foot-long LED illuminated signs.

Prior to the Delta Center signage project, YESCO also partnered with the airline to provide signage for Delta at the Salt Lake City International Airport. YESCO has also previously collaborated with the Utah Jazz on a variety of sign projects over the years.

"With Jazz games and world-class events held at this arena, the Delta Center signage will have the most TV and media coverage of any other signs in Utah and YESCO is grateful to have been entrusted with manufacturing and installing the Delta Center rebranding project,” said Brian Brown, senior account executive, YESCO.

YESCO Installs Netflix Rooftop Display

When Netflix released its new logo, the new identification caused a sensation. Its vertical beams of light are meant to suggest “thumbnails” which represent the company’s house-made shows: “The spectrum of stories, languages, fans and creators that make Netflix beautiful.”

Taking “beautiful” as our mandate, YESCO Los Angeles worked with Netflix to create an iconic, two-sided rooftop display atop the Metropolitan in Hollywood. Each side of the sign is comprised of 990 linear feet of RGB LED tubing, mounted within open channels. The channels are painted an array of Netflix branded colors. The trademark initial “N” is also comprised of open-channel fabrication; it is painted in two differing hues of red and filled with ruby red and clear neon tubing.

We are proud of our role in making the Netflix skyline “Spectacular” come to life!

YESCO Designs, Fabricates, Installs Signage for the J Resort in Reno, Nevada

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YESCO recently completed the design, fabrication and installation of new exterior signage for the J Resort in Reno, Nevada.  The project included a large LED video band, LED video wall, border cabinets, lighting bands and the property's signature illuminated letter "J" icons.

More than 93 feet long and over 14 feet tall, the J Resort's new video band is Northern Nevada's first LED display to wrap around multiple sides of a building.  The three-sided Daktronics band also included a high-definition 8-millimeter display.

In addition, the J Resort project also included a colossal 65-foot-tall by 65-foot -wide Daktronics video wall with a 10-millimeter display.  Fabrication and installation for the video band and all other LED displays took more than 6,700 hours to complete.  Combined the two Daktronics LED video display feature more than 7 million pixels.

YESCO was also tasked with removing all existing cabinets as well as creating new border cabinets and the property's three 19-foot-tgall illuminated letter ""J" icons with white flex faces.  Additionally, the project included the installation of a 2,200 foot-long light band that was completely manufactured in Reno.

"With Northern Nevada's first LED display that wraps around multiple sides of a building, we know the J Resort will stand out among the competition in Reno," said Adam Keefer, custom account executive, YESCO.

YESCO Fabricates, Installs Distinctive Signage for New DraftKings Las Vegas Headquarters

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YESCO completed the fabrication and installation of more than 170 interior signs for the new DraftKings headquarters located in Southwest Las Vegas. Situated in the UnCommons mixed-use complex on the corner of the 215 Beltway and Durango Drive, the four-story building occupied by DraftKings encompasses 90,000 square feet of space with room for 700 to 1,000 employees.

Prior to YESCO’s fabrication and installation, global architecture and design firm, Interior Architects, conceptualized and designed DraftKings’ innovative signage. Included among the project’s notable signs are the internally illuminated "Crown Wall" entry feature, motion-activated "Crown" behind a two-way mirror, color-changing faux-neon illuminated crown mounted to a "living wall," “SNAKE EYES” art installation composed of 4,559 dice, a slot reels art installation composed of 120 individual faux reels and “LET IT RIDE” art installation composed of 6,049 casino chips.

The DraftKings project included 2,642 man-hours of work over a 32-week period.

“There is no shortage of eye-catching signage throughout the DraftKings’ new, four-story building,” said Jeff Young, executive vice president, YESCO. “It was an honor to manufacture and install the innovative signage for this globally recognized fast-growing brand’s spectacular new Southern Nevada headquarters.”


BELIEVE is a distinctive work of public sculpture installed in the City of Reno. The city is home to more than 170 pieces of public art, and the number is rising.

BELIEVE was purchased from its creators, Jeff Schomberg and Laura Klimpton, who created the work in 2013 as a Burning Man installation.  Measuring 4 feet thick by 12 feet tall by 70 feet long, the sculpture is composed of welded steel letters with a rusty patina, each  imprinted with hundreds of cutouts of birds.

City of Reno crews relocated the artwork from the ReTrac Plaza, near the Reno arch, to its new home in  City Plaza.

When the call went out to animate the popular sculpture with color-changing  illumination, YESCO rose to the occasion. Working with Principle RGB LED products, YESCO installed 67 custom-made, wet-rated enclosures which house the controllers, decoders, antennas, amplifiers and power supplies.  "Believe" is animated with seven pre-programmed lighting shows. A designated IP address enables the customer to access the controls and change the letters remotely.

The popular sculpture is even more compelling with the incorporation of artistic lighting.

Napa Valley Neon Lights Up the Night
{Photo courtesy of Nick Otto, Napa Valley Register)

When it comes to getting attention, nothing beats a classic neon sign. Glowing with striking brightness, neon signs have been used for advertising in Napa Valley for decades. Yet with the advent of new kinds of lighting technology and signage, today traditional "exposed" neon signs in Napa are fewer and far between.

When you think Napa neon, the Uptown Theatre signs stand above all else. Literally. Six 3-foot-tall letters (U P T O W N) descend vertically along the second story of the venue. This downtown landmark dates back to the opening of the theater in 1937, said theater manager Erica Simpson.

"It's an honor" to be the caretaker of such a sign, said Simpson. She explained that various artists and electricians have worked on the Uptown sign located at 1350 Third Street, over the years. This past week Jeff Soares of YESCO tended to the Uptown sign. His task included replacing two new transformers, Soares explained, "One for the letter W and one for the letter N."

Soares said that neon is longer the first choice for signs. Today most people are replacing older neon with LED lights. Notably, LED lights are less expensive than neon, Soares explained. Yet northing looks quite like neon. "Neon has that bling look; that beautiful glassy look. They are not able to achieve that look with LED," Soares said.

In 2001, Jim Bertuzzi of Benn Signs in Napa completely refurbished about 1,000 feet of neon on the Uptown sign. "There's a tunnel inside, like a chimney, going all the way to the top," providing access to all the connections, wiring and transformers that are in the tower, explained Bertuzzi. "I made all the neon tubing from scratch," said Bertuzzi. "It looks really good when it's lit up," he said. "I'm proud of it."

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Gina Stratford, VP of Sales & Marketing at YESCO Outdoor Media Named to Geopath Board of Directors
Gina Stratford

Geopath, the not-for-profit organization that provides the industry-standard metrics for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, announced the appointment of Gina Stratford to its Board of Directors at its annual meeting during the OAAA/Geopath OOH Media Conference on Monday, March 27, 2023.

Throughout her tenure at YESCO, Gina has been actively involved in Geopath, having served on the Futures Council since its inception in 2019 as co-chair, as well as through her participation in the development of Geopath's strategic roadmap.

"Our industry's common goal is to increase the investment made in OOH, and I have long been a believer that Geopath's solid foundation of trusted audience insights is a critical component of how we do that," said Stratford. "I am honored to have the opportunity to support the organization in this new capacity on the Board and look forward to working together to bring more dollars to OOH."

Congratulations, Gina.

Nathan Young Elected to OAAA Board of Directors
Nathan Young

OAAA named five new members to its board of directors at the 2023 OAAA/Geopath OOH Media Conference held in Nashville, Tennessee. The full slate of the OAAA’s newly-elected board members is:

  • Ari Buchalter, CEO, Place Exchange
  • Bill Lodzinski, President & CEO, WV Outdoor
  • Michael Provenzano, CEO & Co-Founder,Vistar Media
  • Nathan Young, President, YESCO Outdoor Media
  • Rod Rackley, President, OOH Division, Circle Graphics

OAAA’s Board of Directors is comprised of OOH media company executives representing all facets of the OOH industry, including billboard, street furniture, transit, and place-based companies. The Board is the governing body of OAAA which represents 800+ media companies, advertisers, agencies, ad-tech providers, and suppliers.