LED Lighting Repair with Club Centre

Club Centre in Pikesville has one incredible story. Father and son team, Carl and Steve Verstandig, own and operate the business together. Not only do they share the business, they also share a family history involving the Holocaust and an unwavering gratitude for their personal heritage and family. 


Carl Verstandig’s parents were Holocaust survivors that moved to New York in 1947.  Their first home in that city was a one-bedroom apartment above a toy store. Through incredible work ethic, the Verstandig family built up their company to what it is today.

LED lighting repair

When it came to their sign repair, the Club Centre team knew they needed the best sign and lighting repair technicians in Pikesville. Calling on YESCO, they were able to have their failing neon sign retrofitted with LED lighting (which is a form of more energy-efficient lighting).

business sign retrofitting

Whether your company requires business sign retrofitting, LED lighting, energy-efficient lighting, or something in between – YESCO has the experts your company deserves. Call us today for a free quote!