Energy-Efficient Lighting—Saving Money; Making Sense


When a company can find a way to save money, make improvements, and be eco-friendly at the same time; it is considered a win-win. An energy-efficient lighting retrofit project has the potential to do just that, and two resort properties in the Las Vegas valley: Trump International Hotel & Tower and the Luxor are fine examples of how a business can identify an opportunity, understand the long-term savings, and make a wise investment.

With over 300 HID (high intensity discharge) lights in their parking garage, the facilities department at the Trump Hotel realized that they could save more than 40% in energy costs by retrofitting to a T5 fluorescent fixture. John Brodie, Director of Facilities, indicates, “The parking garage is noticeably brighter.” From his valet attendants who use that garage at all hours of the day and night, “We have received positive feedback.”

The energy savings speaks to a long-term fiscal benefit which provides incentive for the initial project investment. A portion of the lighting retrofit project at the Luxor included a fluorescent lamp change-out in the “back-of-house” administrative offices: going from a T-10 to a T-8. The rebate offer from the power company, NV Energy, covered more than 20% of the total cost.

In these tough times, businesses need to find ways to improve while focusing on the bottom line. Lighting retrofits which move toward energy-efficient technology can do just that. With cost-cutting incentives and attractive rebate offers, an initial investment can have tremendous long-term benefits that can improve image, increase efficiency, and save money.