Sign of Hope

YESCO Chicago would like to respond to the growing concern over the coronavirus (COVID-19).

We have prepared for events such as this and are ready to help our clients with their lighting service needs.

We urge clients to follow good hygiene practices as set forth by the World Health Organization. Health and safety are our top priorities, always. We’ll continue to keep our clients informed as more updates come.

During this challenging time, the team at YESCO Chicago hopes you and your families are able to keep healthy and safe.

YESCO, as a hundred-year-old company, is continuing to stay open and on standby to provide services to essential businesses including sign repairs, parking lot lighting, security lighting, emergency signage, and more. Our technicians have gone through COVID-19 training including hand washing, cleaning of workspaces (including trucks and tools), and social distancing. If there is anything you need for your business please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our list of services are as follows:  

  • Repair and maintenance of building signs
  • Repair and maintenance of LED signs
  • Repair and maintenance of Fluorescent signs
  • LED signage retrofits and LED upgrades
  • Repair and maintenance of freestanding pylon signs
  • Repair and maintenance of Neon commercial building signs
  • Parking Lot Lighting Repair
  • Energy Efficient Parking Lot Lighting Retrofit and Parking Lot Lighting Upgrades
  • Exterior Building Lighting Repair
  • Energy Efficient Building Lighting Retrofit and Building Lighting Upgrades
  • LED Lighting Retrofits
  • Exterior Sign Maintenance, Cleaning, and Repair
  • Fixed Cost Maintenance Contracts
  • Project Financing
(630) 237-4399