Energy-Efficient Lighting with the Chase Center on the Riverfront

YESCO’s team recently had the opportunity to work with one of Wilmington’s most unique buildings. 

Originally the Chase Center on the Riverfront was a shipbuilding facility during World War II. After changing hands it was transformed into a world-class arts center before becoming what it is today – an events facility unlike any other.

Today the center hosts countless events and their guests— “from small meetings and large multiday conferences, conventions and trade shows to social galas, weddings, community events and other celebrations—attracting people throughout the region and beyond.”*

Such a beautiful building required equal craftsmanship when it came to their sign repair needs. The YESCO team meticulously helped with the facility’s sign retrofit by replacing its neon lights with custom LED lighting. In the end, the Chase Center on the Riverfront not only had a more energy-efficient sign, they also had a sign that still conveyed the building’s timeless and nostalgic appearance.

energy efficient lighting

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