Launch Trampoline Park Sign Repair

We here at YESCO Delaware understand the importance of first impressions. What makes a huge impact on arrival is the condition your business’ sign is in. Many people don’t realize that broken or faded signs can deter potential clients. It can create confusion from illegibility and make clients feel unsafe. 

For Launch Trampoline Park, this wasn’t an acceptable outcome, so they hired us for an electric sign repair. Launch’s customers expect to have a great time and a lot of fun when they come. Children have birthday parties, families spend time together, and friends go to hang out. Aligning their sign with those values was critical, and it needed to happen quickly. 

We were happy to make those sign repairs for Launch. As leaders in the lighting service industry, we’re confident Launch’s sign will remain problem-free with the new energy-efficient lighting we installed, a process known as retrofit lighting. We know this will help their customers feel a sense of excitement when they arrive. We look forward to working with Launch again to offer any additional lighting maintenance they may need.

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