Lighting Repair in the Delaware Area

Lights are just as important as signs in making your property inviting and safe. Our YESCO team is prepared for your lighting repair needs and can service any type of lighting fixture you may have on your property. Whether it is a parking lot pole that is out, parking garage fixture, interior or exterior lighting, premise lighting, or something else, we have the aerial equipment to reach it and the experience to get it working properly.

Fluorescent Light Repair

One of the best ways to provide light for a large area, such as an office building or parking garage, is fluorescent lights. They produce a considerable amount of light for their size. Not only that, they use about 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, and they last much longer, making them one of the best light bulbs on the market! Occasionally you’ll need fluorescent light repair as weather and other accidents can take a toll. We hope you’ll keep the experts at YESCO in mind to take care of this for you!

fluorescent light repair

Neon Light Repair

Neon is used for more than just signs; often building trim is lit with neon tubes as well. The color comes from specific rarefied gases creating a distinctive glow that is very eye-catching. We can service neon trim or offer LED replacements to save power and maintenance costs. Call us today for your neon light repair needs!

Neon Light Repair
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