Lighting Retrofit in the Delaware Area

Doing a lighting retrofit job involves the process of removing existing, less efficient signs and lighting fixtures, and replacing them with LEDs. LEDs are a much more reliable, better performing, and energy-efficient type of lighting. We highly recommend this option for a number of reasons:

The Benefits of Retrofit Lighting

The primary benefit of retrofit lighting is the amount of money you can save. Because this system uses more energy-efficient lights, you’ll be using less energy per month, which reduces your power bill. These light bulbs also often have a longer lifetime, so you’ll save on maintenance costs over time. Both of these factors contribute to a greener, more environmentally-friendly system, which benefits us all.

Retrofit Lighting Repair

Occasionally your retrofit lighting will need a repair; fortunately, YESCO technicians are there to help. Weather and freak accidents are unpredictable and can be frustrating to deal with but our sign technicians are happy to repair any damages quickly and efficiently. Call us today for your retrofit lighting repair needs!