Veterans of Foreign Wars Event Center

YESCO Des Moine completed a pole sign retrofit for the Veterans of Foreign Wars event center. 

Our customers often wonder, why should I retrofit my signage? Retrofitting your signs offers several benefits:

1.) Energy efficiency: Outdated lighting consumes more energy; A retrofitted sign helps you save money on energy bills through new, energy-efficient lighting. 

2.) Improved visibility: Retrofitting makes your signs brighter, helping your business stand out more to potential customers

3.) Compliance: Retrofitting ensures your signage is up to code and regulations, helping you avoid fines or legal issues from outdated, non-compliant signs. 

4.) Branding: Retrofitting your signage gives you an opportunity to update your branding for a fresher, more relevant look

Overall, retrofitting your signage is well worth the investment and will keep your business looking its best for years to come.