Energy-Efficient Lighting | East Tennessee

YESCO East Tennessee is at the forefront of the energy-efficient lighting movement! We have the expertise, the equipment, and the product knowledge to turn your lighting infrastructure into a high-performance, energy and maintenance cost-saving, ROI-generating investment.

YESCO is Your Sign Shop of Choice for Energy-Efficient Lights

The right energy-efficient lighting configuration can give you a significant boost in the quality of the light at your location. Energy-efficient lights give off a significant amount of light in proportion to their size; the difference is tangible and can have a noticeable effect on everything from the appearance, to the mood, to the safety of your business premise. Because these lights are energy-efficient, you get more light for less price. In short, we highly recommend making the switch to an energy-efficient lighting configuration. Call us today and we’ll happily go over all the options!

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