YESCO Illuminates Historic Hillcrest Sign in Purple, Yellow, Green for Mardi Gras 

Iconic Landmark Recently Refurbished with Color-Changing Flex Neon by YESCO

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On Tuesday, February 21, YESCO illuminated the historic Hillcrest sign in purple, yellow and green in celebration of the start of Mardi Gras. The iconic sign owned by the Hillcrest Business Improvement Association located in San Diego, California, tasked YESCO with upgrading the landmark with color-changing flex neon.

The project included 106 man-hours of work over a 2.5 week period. Now, the sign is outfitted with 16 million color hues, including pre-programed light shows for various holidays and events.

“As a beloved icon of the Hillcrest neighborhood in San Diego, YESCO was thrilled to restore the sign back to its former glory,” said Andrew Russell, sales service manager, YESCO. “Many residents expressed how fond they are of the sign’s historic charm, so we kept the retro look and simply restored the lighting with color-changing flex neon.”