How do I choose a sign company?

Your sign plays an important role in the way you promote your brand. Many factors should be given careful consideration. Research the company’s capabilities to handle both small and large-scale projects and that it has a track-record of bringing projects in on time and on budget. Make sure they provide project management services that address issues such as installation permitting, contract administration, project scheduling, and hands-on installation services. You should also inquire about signage financing options that offer flexible terms, competitive rates, and has no prepayment penalties to help fund your sign project.

You should also read customer reviews and investigate experienced companies that provide the kind of sign you’re looking for. If possible, visit the sign-making facility to understand the process more fully. Discuss your specific requirements and see if they can accommodate them and inquire about their design process, materials used, manufacturing capabilities, and installation services. Use your visit as an opportunity to get a first-hand look at things like the cleanliness of their site and the state of their equipment that can give an indication of their professionalism.

Narrow your choices and ask for quotes from the ones that meet your budget and criteria. Take the time to make sure you’re confident in your choice. Consider that you are making an enduring investment and that the lowest cost may not deliver the best result a few years down the road. Remember, your sign should be a sense of pride, and with you for a long time.