Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance in Grand Rapids

Parking Lot Lighting is the overlooked hero of many businesses! Who provides customers security as they are entering and leaving their vehicles? Who is responsible for lighting the biggest area of your location (think what percentage of your lot is covered in parking)? Who sets the tone for your business even before customers leave their cars? Here at YESCO Grand Rapids we appreciate the contribution Parking Lot Lighting makes to every business.


Our Specialties

We have the proper trucks, equipment, and know-how to take care of your parking lot lighting. Whether you are a super center with acres of pole lights, a small grocery store with only a few rows of parking, or a small boutique with parking out back- we are here to help.


Whatever the fixture, and whatever size the pole, we can take care of any of the myriad of issues that afflict parking lot lights- from bulb outages, to bad ballasts, to faulty wiring in the pole, timer problems, to problems with the pole itself! Call us today for you parking lot lighting maintenance.

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