The Benefits of LED Parking Lot Lighting

Your first impression of a business starts in the parking lot. All businesses, including retail and industrial should insist on well-lit and safe parking lots. LED lighting fixtures are a great choice for parking lots as they are the most energy-efficient, cost-effective, and utilize robust technology.

Safety for Employees and Customers

Parking lot lighting creates a safe environment for employees and customers who might be coming and going from your business when it is dark out. Many customers, especially women, avoid businesses with poorly lit parking lots for safety reasons. Investing in proper lighting shows your customers and employees that you value their safety. Proper lighting is a safeguard in terms of driving in the dark, as pulling in or out of a parking space is a lot harder to maneuver when the lighting is poor. To prevent any unnecessary accidents, proper parking lot lighting will definitely help.

Prevent Vandalism and Break-ins

Proper lighting is one of the best deterrents to stop vandalism and break-ins to your business. A bright parking lot with no dark spots means no hiding spots for would-be criminals. LED parking lot lighting is brighter than conventional bulbs and is sure to provide a well-lit parking lot.

Branding and Increased Visibility

Even if your business doesn’t operate at night, your well-lit parking lot will draw attention to your business. Depending on the type of business, new lighting could increase traffic and new customers. Your well-lit parking lot shows your building and business in the best light- literally! People can see the inviting lights of a welcoming place.

Energy and Cost Saving

Retrofit is a term that is often used in the lighting business when talking about replacing lighting. It means to replace the original traditional lights with new and better lights that are now available (LED lights). LED lights use a fraction of the energy traditional lights typically use, which translates into cost savings. LED light fixtures have a longer life span due to their advanced design. Moving away from traditional lights, a parking lot lighting retrofit could pay for itself over time.

YESCO- We Show the Way

YESCO provides outdoor lighting maintenance to shopping centres, restaurants, retail chains, and large commercial buildings. Our custom lighting solutions use wall packs on buildings for walking alongside a building as well as retrofitting strategically placed pole lighting.  We also work on underground parking lighting schemes for those lots that need 24-hour lighting that has quicker payback.