Hamilton Energy-Efficient Lighting

Do you have any idea how much your outdated lighting is costing you each month? In this economy, businesses are trying to boost their bottom line anywhere they can and often that means cutting fixed costs. We suggest your power bill as the first place to start.

Energy-Efficient Lights

LED, HID, as well as a number of other options are the high tech fixtures people are referring to when they talk about Energy-Efficient Lights. By making the switch to Energy Efficient Lighting you will drastically cut your monthly energy costs. Furthermore, with the EXPONENTIALLY longer life of the products we install, you are looking at years of maintenance free lighting. This, combined with savings from what you would otherwise be spending on regular maintenance, results in both an immediate and long term return on investment.


      energy-efficient lighting

Here is Starkey’s at Nash Rd. and Barton in Hamilton.  This is a great example of responding quickly to a call and bringing the visual appearance of their brand up to 100% just in time for a very busy season.

Lighting Retrofit

YESCO Hamilton is a leader in converting high energy consuming neon and florescent lit signs into energy efficient LED lighting. We recognize the financial savings as well as the environmental benefits that LED lighting provides and can highlight the long term benefits to our customers. Whether you are considering updating your parking lot lights, parking garage fixtures, interior or exterior building lighting, or even your signage, we are prepared to help you do it.
Give us a call today or shoot us a service request and our Service Manager will be happy to start working with you on this!


    Lighting Retrofit                Lighting Retrofit


Global Pet Foods on Highway 8, Stoney Creek, ON had blotchy looking letters.  After a period of approximately 5 years, the LED’s start to fail and need to be replaced.  YESCO can come in, take out the old lighting and replace with new bright lights.  You can upgrade the lights without changing the letters.