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Sign Repair Burlington

sign repair burlington

Our neighboring city, Burlington, Ontario gets frequent visits to service the local community signs and parking lot lighting.  Each week we do night patrols for our customers to see what their brand looks like after most managers have gone home.  If he see’s an issue that they should know about, then we take some photos and Claudia forwards them to the local decision makers to see if its something they would like to repair.   We tie in multiple locations in the same area each time we visit to avoid having to charge any travel time at all.

sign repair burlington

Lake City Home Improvements on New St. in Burlington, ON was a simple in-line storefront that we can get in and out within the hour.  We carry a truck load of inventory so we can repair most signs on our first initial trip.  Other repair companies may seem to be less costly, but when you are efficient and complete everything without trip charges or return visits its a win win for our customers and our crews.



K.N. Crowder, Burlington, ON had a large wall mounted neon sign that needed  repair.  Our trucks can reach up to 40ft high in the air.  Please consider YESCO for all your sign and parking lot lighting repairs.


sign repair burlington   sign repair burlington

Before and after photos of Cruise Holidays on Guelph Line in Burlington, ON needed more than just lamps.  We carry ballasts, transformers and all the drivers that are needed to make the LED’s, Neon and Fluorescent lights and pole lighting illuminate.


In order to keep the cost of the overall service to our customers at a minimum, we stock our trucks with all the common parts required to eliminate multiple trips.