Lighting Retrofit in Kansas City

One of our passions is converting old lighting systems into new, energy-efficient solutions for our customers. Our Service Manager will work with you to map out your location, walk you through all of the product options and configurations, and find the set-up that will give you the best performance, efficiency, and ROI for the short and long term. We have helped many of our customers make the switch, let us assist you with your lighting retrofit next!

The Benefits of Retrofit Lighting

Switching to an energy-efficient solution will result in seeing savings in two areas. The first is in your monthly power bill and the second is in repair and maintenance costs over time. A third benefit, while difficult to measure, is the environmental impact these solutions have. While retrofit lighting may have a higher upfront cost, it will pay for itself quickly, and then some. That’s a benefit worth considering!

Retrofit Lighting Repair

We’re confident that your retrofit lighting won’t require many repairs for burned-out bulbs; however, accidents and weather are unpredictable and both can, unfortunately, cause damage to your lighting system. Our sign technicians are trained and appropriately certified for any retrofit lighting repairs. We’ll work with you to find a quick and efficient way to fix your lighting system. Contact us today!