Parking Lot Lighting Lousiville

The parking lot is where the experience begins for customers after dark. When a parking lot isn’t well lit, a customer may not park, and subsequently, may not do any shopping. A facility that is adequately illuminated lets people know they are welcome, you are open for business, and creates a much more inviting and safe atmosphere to shop.

• The First Impression
First impressions are a key to success in every avenue of life, and especially business. Human beings are naturally attracted to well-illuminated areas.

• Safety
Poorly illuminated areas drastically increase risks that range from theft or purse-snatching to assault, rape, and even kidnapping. Women feel especially at risk walking to their car by themselves at night. Not everyone is aware of the dangers that exist in such a commonplace activity, but the fear alone can make potential customers steer clear of a shopping establishment. Another thing to consider: If a person is injured on a commercial property, regardless of the severity of the injury the business and property owner can be held liable financially if proven that there was insufficient light levels that could have prevented such an assault or injury from occurring.


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