Energy-Efficient Lighting

It has been our experience that outdated lighting can cost your business unnecessary expense each month.  We understand that our customers are always looking for a way to cut those fixed costs. We suggest that your power bill may be one of the first places to start!

Energy-Efficient Lighting

LEDs have become the newest and most energy-efficient lighting components since Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb!  By changing from fluorescent lamps and /or neon to energy-efficient lighting, you will drastically cut your monthly energy costs. With a longer life of the products we install, you are looking at years of maintenance-free lighting and a possible rebate from your local power company!

Lighting Retrofit

YESCO Montana takes pride in offering retrofit services! If you are considering updating any interior or exterior fixtures, any sign on your building or on your property, we can work with you to help you choose the right lighting. Between our industry knowledge, years of experience, technical expertise, as well as our access to the best products, there really is no better team around to help you make the switch.

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