Energy-Efficient Lighting Myrtle Beach

We are YESCO Myrtle Beach, your local energy-efficient lighting experts! We know and appreciate the increased performance, improved appearance, and drastically lower costs that accompany High Tech fixtures. Whether LED, HID, Metal Halide, or Induction, we have a wide array of product options and applications to meet you specific needs.


Energy-Efficient Lights

Energy Efficient Lights can provide the same amount of illumination, coverage, and feel as your current fixtures. However, it can do it using only a FRACTION of the energy consumption! Furthermore, these high tech fixtures last EXPONENTIALLY longer! Between the savings from monthly energy cuts, eliminated maintenance costs, as well as energy subsidies from many power companies, you can start saving a bundle of money each month just by updating your lights.


Lighting Retrofit

We have the experience, the equipment, and the product selection to get the job done right, and most suitably to your specific wants and needs. Let us get to work on surveying your premise’s lighting and the lighting retrofit opportunities, and working with you to sift through various solutions, by giving us a call or shooting over a service request today!

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