Lighting Maintenance Myrtle Beach

Here at YESCO Myrtle Beach, we understand the importance of well-maintained lighting! Your image, your security, and the safety of your customers are all greatly benefited by a network of properly working lights. Whether it is parking lot poles, parking garage lights, building, warehouse, or premise lighting, we stand ready to assist you in your lighting maintenance needs.

Lighting Repair

As your local Lighting Repair experts, we take a proactive approach to serving our customers! We offer a number of benefits that are unrivaled, including free night patrols of your location! We are even willing to create formal lighting maintenance agreements, which, for a monthly rate, we not only keep an eye on your lights for free but fix them too at no cost to you!

Let us delight you with our service! Give us a call today, or shoot us a service request, and we will get whatever needs you have taken care of!

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