Lighting Repair

Our YESCO team is prepared to service any type of lighting fixture you may have on your property. Whether it is a parking lot pole that is out, parking garage fixture, interior or exterior lighting, premise lighting, or something else, we have the aerial equipment to reach it and the experience to get it working properly. Give us a call today or shoot over a service request and our friendly Service Manager will be right with you to discuss your lighting repair needs!

Fluorescent Light Repair

Fluorescent lights are a fantastic way of lighting large areas, like parking garages and office buildings. They provide a large amount of light in proportion to their size, and they’re an energy-efficient solution which means less maintenance overtime for you. The key to maximizing their lifespan is making sure the light bulbs are installed correctly; improperly installed bulbs are the most common reason the bulbs burn out. Because each bulb gives off so much light, broken, or flickering lights are very noticeable. If you need fluorescent lighting repair, don’t hesitate to call us! We’ll gladly work with you to fix your fluorescent lights!

fluorescent light repair

Neon Light Repair

Neon lights have a distinct glow that’s hard to replicate. The color comes from specific rarefied gases that can be tricky to work with, which is why it’s always better to call the professionals when you need neon light repairs. At YESCO our technicians are certified and equipped to handle all your neon sign repair needs. Call us today!

Neon Light Repair Example
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