Parking Lot Lighting New York

Here at YESCO New York Sign and Lighting Repair, we are the go-to for all of the lighting needs of your business! Whether it be parking lot lighting, garage, premise, emergency, safety, or wall pack lighting, even interior lighting, we are ready to get the job done! The fact is, your lights send a message about your business to consumers. If they are shining bright it promotes the idea that yours is a professional, respectable, and safe place to take their business. Let our local lighting repair technicians ensure the appearance of your location by getting rid of pesky outages!

On a related note, ask us about  retro-fitting your lighting fixtures with energy-saving LED! Many companies are already making the switch, and finding that the savings in electricity bills SIGNIFICANTLY cut monthly operating costs. Let us come take a look today and see how much we can help you save!

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