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Shopping season is here, time to look your best!

According to the National Retail Federation, back to school shoppers spent a total of $75.8 billion in 2016. Your customers are out and about doing their back to school shopping. How do your signs and lighting look? What message are you sending? Well-lit signs and lighting communicate your brand and are an outward expression of your business. In a recent article it discusses four major areas that signage impacts:

  1. Drawing Attention. Drive down the street and observe the signs and lighting of your competitors. What message is being sent? Well-lit signs and lighting communicate a live and active business. It draws attention to the brand and creates credibility. In a season when consumers are shopping, your signs and lighting can be a great avenue to promote the business by the total number of individuals that pass your location. In a study performed 80% of individuals are able to recognize a brand by a color. The overall condition and image of your sign can greatly affect the attention that is drawn to your business.
  2. Brand Reinforcement. Signs and lighting are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They receive impressions by all those who pass by. Each of these impressions enforce and reinforce your marketing efforts. Through this consumers connect the dots and build a judgement based on their impressions and interactions with the business.
  3. Promotion. This time of year many business are running special back to school sales and promotions. There is not a better means to advertise your promotion than on your sign. This can be done through digital signage, reader boards, vinyl graphics, and banners. If your signs and lighting are out these promotions may never be seen.
  4. Safety and Convenience. When was the last time you entered a business where the parking lot was dark or the signage was out? What impression did that leave with you as the consumer? Safety is a liability. Atlanta, Athens, Alpharetta, Gainesville, and ConyersDark parking lots, back doors, and main entrances encourage customers to stay away. Thus, the property must be lit. Well-lit signs and lighting allow new customers to find and locate your business in a quick and easy manner.

Overall signs and lighting play a major roll in business and branding. If you have a sign, maximize its exposure and promote your business!

YESCO North Atlanta is your best and #1 Atlanta based sign company. We specialize in sign and lighting repair in Atlanta, Athens, Alpharetta, Coveyers, and Gainesville.  Make sure your customers can see your well-lit signs and lighting. Chances are it will help to chalk up additional sales.

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A well maintained sign shows more than a lively business. It is the first impression that businesses have to communicate the brand and offering. In today’s business climate that first impression is vital in creating a quality customer experience.  Businesses compete head-to-head to attract consumers and a sign is one of the best ways to accomplish this task. Yet, many neglect sign repair and maintenance. A poorly lit sign can damage the brand and reputation of the business.

According to the International Sign Association, the main body dedicated to promoting and supporting sign companies around the world report that well maintained signs are more than just advertisement for a business, they increase revenue and brand reputation. In a study done in Los Angeles, California of a car dealership they found:

  1. Investment in signage has a better return on investment than property renovations.
  2. Signage is a key investment in advertising. Advertising budgets have been reduced based on signage and the number of exposures.
  3. New and well maintained signage was responsible for ten new walk-ins a week and of those ten walk-ins six converted to sales.

Overall, quality and well maintained signage can have a large impact on the overall business.  How do your signs look? What message is being sent to your customers? YESCO North Atlanta is your local sign and lighting repair company servicing Atlanta, Athens, Alpharetta, Conyers, and Gainesville. Allow our friendly staff and trained technicians to maintain your signs and lightning. Contact us today!

YESCO featured on CBS Morning News

YESCO Sign and lighting repair was featured on CBS Morning News. With a local office in Athens, Georgia the 97 year old company has locations across the United States and Canada. This special focuses on the heartbeat of the company, Las Vegas!

Las Vegas has been lighting up the Nevada desert since the 1930’s, but many of its most memorable signs have been replaced with LEDs. So where did the famous filaments go? Lee Cowan takes us to a place preserving the city’s legacy in lights.

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