100 Years Young

Thomas Young was fifteen years old when his family emigrated from England to Ogden, Utah. Tom was a hard-working, talented young man. Having a deep love of art, he learned his trade well, and became a Master Sign Writer. Tom went from wall-lettering, gold-leaf window signs, posters, truck lettering and striping, to electric signs.

YESCO became recognized as a true leader in the sign industry. Unafraid of building the biggest and best sign on earth, YESCO literally put Las Vegas on the map, as far as signs are concerned. At least in part, YESCO has been responsible for turning towns into destinations for people from all over the world.

Our determination to progress through inventiveness, integrity and constant improvement are the defining traits of YESCO. Reflecting on the past we are ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Your contribution matters to us. Continued hard work and dedication will help us move YESCO to an even brighter future.