Lighting Retrofit in the Phoenix Area

A lighting retrofit is simply the process of upgrading your lighting to a more energy-efficient solution. We highly recommend doing this for several reasons:

The Benefits of Retrofit Lighting

By using an energy-efficient lighting solution you end up saving money in two ways. The first is seen in your power bill. LED & HID light bulbs require less electricity usage. The second is seen in maintenance costs over time. These types of lights have a long life and you’ll be replacing them far less often than traditional lightbulbs. Additionally, using an energy-efficient solution has the added bonus of being more environmentally friendly since less electricity is being used and fewer lightbulbs need to be disposed of.

Retrofit Lighting Repair

A benefit of retrofitting your business’ lighting system is the reduction of maintenance expenses. While we don’t anticipate many repairs, unusual accidents and freak weather can occur that may damage your lighting fixtures. YESCO Phoenix is prepared and happy to help with any retrofit lighting repairs that may be needed.