An Old Photo Gets a Colorful New Look

In 2013, retired Las Vegas art director Harold Bradford completed a painting of the Silver Slipper sign mounted on one of our old trucks. The painting is based on a black and white photo taken in 1958 in front of the original YESCO Las Vegas building.

Bradford is well known for designing many of YESCO’s famous displays including the Stratosphere, Buffalo Bill’s, and the Rio hotel and casino. Since his retirement from YESCO, Bradford has continued to create similar oil paintings such as a beautiful desert landscape in the Mccarran Airport. 

As for the Silver Slipper sign, it was built and installed by YESCO at Silver Slipper Gambling Hall around 1955. After its retirement in 1988, the slipper was restored and put on display at the Las Vegas Neon Museum alongside some of Las Vegas’s most iconic neon signs. 

To see the original photo, click here.