Who is YESCO?

YESCO stands for Young Electric Sign Company, which was founded in 1920. Today, almost 100 years later, YESCO has expanded to a nationwide franchise. Just like YESCO St. Louis, YESCO franchisees are typically very well-established, locally-owned sign companies who make it their mission to provide superior sign and lighting service to their customers and the local markets they serve.

My business received a call from you. How did you know my sign had a problem?

We have established patrol routes that we run on a regular basis for our customers. We do this also as a public service to the community. Our night patrollers identify lighting problems in signs. parking lots, etc., and document them through a proprietary mobile app. If your business gets a call from us, it’s because we noticed a problem with your sign or lighting. Most local businesses appreciate the fact that we notify them, often before they even knew they had a problem.

Do you only do repairs?

No. Of course, we can repair your sign – no matter what kind of sign it is, but we are also lighting experts when it comes to lighting replacement with LED fixtures, parking lots, and knowledge of minimum industry standards required for public safety. We do a lot of LED “retrofits” – where we calculate the right amount of light needed and replace old lighting with new, more efficient LED lighting. We can even calculate energy rebates where applicable, and show you what you would save by converting to more efficient lighting.

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