Lighting Retrofit

Apart from the commonly known energy benefits of LED lights, there are other productive benefits of energy-efficient lighting that people, and companies, in particular, should consider. 


Careful case studies of energy-efficient lighting conducted in different areas and different businesses reveal the following productive benefits of using LED in the workspace instead of fluorescent or incandescent lights.

  • 100% reduction of lighting mercury levels
  • CO² reduction from the atmosphere
  • 22% increase in the level of lighting and longer-lasting lighting observed
  • Annual savings from lower energy bills and reduced maintenance costs


On average, LED lighting requires 15% of the energy that a standard incandescent bulb requires. 

LEDs have the potential to run over 10 hours continuously every day, for up to 10 years. 

Energy-Efficient Lighting Houston, TX


One of the often-overlooked lighting retrofit advantages is the quality of light. Installing LED signs and lighting not only means your business saves money, it also means having access to a better quality light in the workspace. 

The color rendering index is a scale that runs from 0 (greyscale) to 100 (natural light) and determines the quality of light. Any number greater than 90 on the CRI scale means a better quality light that can be rendered close to natural light.

LEDs have been known to have a CRI score above 90, giving your business the lighting it needs to stand out. Call us today to learn more!