Swarovski Las Vegas

YESCO Lights up Las Vegas at the Swarovski Las Vegas Grand Bazaar Shops

Swarovski is the centerpiece for the brand new Grand Bazaar Shops with its striking faceted exterior design and stunning crystal starburst.

Las Vegas may be known for some of the world’s most dynamic venues; however, Swarovski’s newest boutique at the Grand Bazaar Shops is making quite an impact on the famous Strip. The Swarovski Midnight Celebration is a three-minute, fully immersive program designed to entertain shoppers and passers-by. The centerpiece of the production is the YESCO-designed crystal and LED starburst light fixture. With over 1,800 individually programmable points of lights, the starburst is perched 14-feet above the store. Hundreds of individually illuminated Swarovski crystal spheres; each positioned at the end of custom fabricated and highly-finished metal rods appear to burst from the center of the star during the nightly shows. Swarovski’s Head of Retail Architecture for North America, Morgan McSweeney, said, “Our new Las Vegas store is the first of many new flagship concepts that will synergize the Swarovski brand with dramatic architecture and experiential design features. We could not have found a more comprehensively capable partner than YESCO to help us realize such a complex exterior design and integrate the various programmable components to the level of fit and finish we demand. The crystal starburst represents the very highest level of craftsmanship and technical proficiency and delivers the ‘WOW’ we were seeking.” The store’s angular and perforated skin was fully fabricated in YESCO’s Las Vegas facility, utilizing a complex square tube metal structure that was designed and engineered in-house with precise attachment points to secure the skin to the base building. Seamlessly integrated into the store façade is a 6mm high-resolution LED display with an angular and faceted design. Hidden beneath the skin is a fully programmable LED lighting system that projects color coordinated and synchronized lighting sequences through the perforations during evening hours to further enhance the experience. YESCO also fabricated and integrated canopies, lighting, and storefronts for other tenants at the Grand Bazaar Shops. YESCO’s Director of Special Projects, Nick Priest said, “YESCO is known for designing and building Las Vegas’ most iconic signage features and LED displays. Our diverse range of capabilities enables us to take on complex and highly detailed projects. By engaging YESCO to build the entire exterior skin and starburst, Swarovski was able to eliminate much of the coordination difficulty they would have experienced by hiring multiple vendors for each specialized element.” Photo credit: Laszlo Regos Photography
Las Vegas