YESCO Designs, Fabricates, Install New Signage at Montego Bay Casino Resort

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YESCO announces the design, fabrication and installation of new signage at Montego Bay Casino & Resort in Wendover, Nevada.

The iconic palm tree neon pylon sign was modernized by YESCO to lower power consumption and match the new Montego Bay branding with a 60-foot-tall architectural display. The colors and new “window” feature on the building are now incorporated with a 15-foot-by-28-foot Samsung EMC screen.

In addition, YESCO also upgraded the 14-foot-by-48-foot outdoor billboard with a 12-foot-by-30-foot Samsung EMC screen and newly refreshed lettering and lighted LED track.

Upgrades to signage across the rest of the property are currently underway to eliminate neon and fluorescent lighting.


  • YESCO began fabrication of the Montego Bay project in October 2021.
  • It took approximately 3,400 man-hours to complete the project.
  • Height: 60-feet-tall-by-28-feet-wide
  • Weight: 20,000 pounds

“We are thrilled with how the outdoor signage turned out,” said Jeff Krantz, account executive, YESCO. “The displays will play a vital role in the rebranding of Montego Bay Casino & Resort and we are proud to be part of such a momentous project.”