Lighting Maintenance in Boise

Boise YESCO takes all the worry out of keeping your commercial lighting and signs always working and looking great with a professional, cost-saving lighting maintenance contract. You’ve made an investment in your signage and commercial lighting, and our trained, qualified lighting technicians keep them operating at peak performance throughout their useful life expectancy.

We help you manage your energy costs and can service both indoor and outdoor fluorescent, neon, and LED lighting and signs. We make sure they are inspected, cleaned, and maintained on a regular basis. We have bucket trucks to perform light pole, pylon, and architectural sign inspections and repairs so the height or location of your signs and lighting are seldom a problem.

Your customers are judging you on your appearance and just a few poor functioning lights can give them the wrong impression. Your employees rely on proper lighting to perform tasks safely and your guests and visitors depend on clear messaging when navigating your site. With a Boise YESCO lighting maintenance contract,your business will always be seen in the best light.

The YESCO Difference – See What Sets Us Apart From Other Sign Companies

You can capitalize on Boise YESCO’s years of experience and commitment to excellent lighting and sign maintenance to keep your costs low while you grow your business.

Cost-Saving Maintenance

Scheduled lighting and sign maintenance saves you money and prevents damage caused from the accumulation of dirt and other pollutants that decrease the lifetime of your bulbs and fixtures. Our lighting technicians look to catch potential problems that could lead to unexpected or inconvenient lighting or sign mishaps before they occur. We can also help reduce your electric bills by adjusting your timers based on daylight savings time.

You can eliminate surprises caused by sign or lighting outages and budget and manage your costs more effectively when you regularly schedule site and sign inspections. We can make sure everything is weatherized and protected against the elements and seasonal changes. If you’re also looking for additional repairs or services, we can provide painting and structural repairs.

Warranty Replacements and Competitive Replacement Parts

Despite best intentions, lighting components of your commercial lighting systems and signage may fail and require replacement. We’ve worked with leading sign and lighting manufacturers for years and can smoothly handle warranty replacements of failed LED fixtures.

Old, malfunctioning fluorescent and HID lamps contain mercury, heavy metals, and other toxic elements that are extremely harmful to the  environment if not disposed of properly. Boise YESCO shares your commitment to keeping our community clean and safe. A vital component of your maintenance contract includes conscientious recycling services for all used lighting parts. We can also work with you to retrofit all your inefficient lamps and bulbs to help you realize dramatic savings on your electricity costs.

Give us a call, or send us a maintenance request today, and our sales manager will be right with you to answer your questions.

Lighting Maintenance