Business Sign Repair in Calgary

Signs are a very important part of your company’s image and can create thousands of impressions of your brand each and every day. It is important to ensure that those impressions are good ones. A dirty, burnt-out, or unmaintained sign can create doubt and negativity in your client’s perception of your business. A dim or shadowy parking lot can create unsafe environments that keep customers away. We specialize in keeping signs bright, well-lit, and energy-efficient.

In Calgary, businesses & organizations need sign repair due to our extreme temperature changes and strong chinook winds. Our weather puts a lot of stress on physical and electrical sign components. Quick freezing and melting can damage metal and plastic letters and logo pieces, and our extreme cold can make fluorescent and neon bulbs fail to operate.

YESCO Calgary knows how important your signs and lighting are to your image and will make sure that repairing your sign is a priority. Our sign patrollers keep an eye on your property for you to help identify outages to keep your image strong. Call us today for your company sign repair needs.