Lighting Maintenance Dallas

Sign and Lighting Maintenance Northern Dallas, TX

As a business owner, you depend on your sign and lighting to attract and bring in customers.  If your signs are constantly out, dim, or flickering it reflects poorly on your image.  YESCO offers customizable lighting maintenance agreements for your signs and lighting.  This takes the burden of having to call in service repairs, as well as the fluctuations in repair costs.  For one fixed monthly rate YESCO will keep an eye on your signs and lights for you with our night patrol service.  If we find an outage we will come out and fix it within 72 hours of the outage being reported.  Whether the cost is $2,000 or $200 you only pay the fixed monthly rate.  Maintenance agreements are a great way to have a consistent budget for your property as well as keep everything fully lit.  Let us take the burden and worry of lighting and signs from you, after all, it’s what we do.

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