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Sign & Lighting Service and Repair in the Dallas North area.

A well-maintained sign is a good sign of business.  Our goal at YESCO is to keep your signs and lighting looking the brightest and cleanest they can be.  We service and maintain all types of exterior signs including channel letters, box signs, cabinet signs, pole, pylon and monument signs.   We offer all our customers here in North Texas our complimentary night patrol service.  We check on your signs on a monthly basis so you don’t have to worry about it.  When we arrive on-site you can be assured our technicians are trained, licensed and certified to work on your signs and lights.  Here are someone the many different ways we can serve you and your business.


Electric Signs

At YESCO we specialize in all types of sign repairs including channel letters, box signs, cabinet signs, pole, pylon and monument signs.  Whatever the height or size of the sign we can help you get it fully lit and looking great.


Neon Signs

Neon signs are still prevalent, but there are not many local companies that have licensed and trained technicians with years of experience troubleshooting neon lighting issues.  We can also help you keep your neon looking clean and bright through simple maintenance agreements.


LED Signs

LED signs are quickly becoming the most cost-efficient way of lighting in a sign.  We offer LED retrofits for all types of channel letter signs, wall signs, cabinet, and individual mounted signs.  LED lighting is a great way to save on maintenance and energy costs, bringing you a quicker return on investment for your business.


LED Message Units

We can service and repair any LED message unit from a small monument sign to a large digital billboard.  No other company has the same experience in servicing these new message centers as YESCO does.


Exterior Lighting

Parking lot lights, wall packs, and other building lighting repairs require someone with the equipment to be able to reach very high to work on the fixtures.  We can repair your parking lot lights and your signs during the same service call.  Having good, clean, well-maintained building lighting can help your customers and employees feel secure after the sun goes down.

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