Lighting Retrofit

At YESCO, our lighting retrofit professionals can help you take advantage of the incredible savings and benefits available to your business or organization when replacing old and inefficient lighting with new energy-efficient, cost-effective LED fixtures and lamps throughout your property in the Denver area.

Retrofitting is a more affordable approach to upgrading your lighting. Regardless of your needs, there are a wide variety of LED lamps and light fixtures that can provide the same, if not even better, brightness levels and color intensities, than your old fixtures. Plus, you’ll get the added value of using less energy with bulbs and lamps that last longer than your existing incandescent or fluorescent lighting fixtures or downlights. 

If reducing the carbon footprint of your business is also an important goal, our retrofit lighting solutions don’t use harmful materials like mercury, lead, heavy metals and other toxic materials.

Retrofitting your lighting systems today is a long-term investment that will continue to pay off for years to come. Contact YESCO for the perfect lighting retrofit for your business in Denver.

The Benefits of Retrofitting your Lighting

Cut Your Energy Bills with a Lighting Retrofit

The most dramatic impact you can make to control your electric bill is reducing the amount of energy you use to light your commercial building and property. YESCO can help you reduce your electrical consumption by retrofitting your existing, inefficient, and often environmentally harmful lighting fixtures with new LED fixtures in Denver. Considering that commercial lighting can account for 30-40% of your property’s electric bill, it’s easy to see why a lighting retrofit is a smart long-term investment.

Reduced Light Fixture Replacement and Maintenance Costs

YESCO provides retrofitting solutions using LED lights, which last longer, while also delivering energy cost savings in Denver. Your business will also realize savings on the amount you spend on replacing and disposing of worn-out lamps. We use LED products, rated to last up to 50,000 hours, that are compatible with both bypass and ballast controls, and do not contain environmentally damaging materials like mercury or lead. Retrofitting your existing light fixtures with long-performing LED bulbs can provide savings over existing inefficient fixtures while providing brighter, more intense coverage.

Lower Cooling Costs

A lighting retrofit can also impact the amount of energy you waste battling the heat thrown off by fixtures with traditional lamps and controls. Less than 10% of electrical power supplied to an incandescent bulb is converted to light. The rest is lost as heat. YESCO can retrofit your facility’s lighting with LED lamps that flip those numbers, providing solutions that lower the amount of money you spend keeping your facility cool while also improving the effectiveness of your light fixtures in Denver.

Better Illumination for Safety and Comfort

A brightly lit workplace is a safer workplace for your employees. LED lighting has been shown to help workers recognize color cues that distinguish warning signs and color-coded wiring on shop floors. A well-lit space engenders well-being and improves patient outlook in hospitals and healthcare centers. Your YESCO team of lighting retrofit experts can develop solutions to brightly light your warehouse, factory, office, hospitality, or retail space to set the mood you want to improve productivity and increase sales in Denver.

Retrofit Lighting Repair

Improved lamp life and lower maintenance costs are among the advantages of retrofitting your lamps and fixtures. However, exposure to weather events and accidents happens. When they do, your YESCO lighting professionals respond quickly and provide cost-effective and immediate solutions for replacing, repairing, and preventing damage so your lights stay on in Denver.