Lighting Repair in the Detroit Area

YESCO Detroit is quite literally ready to take care of any of your lighting repair needs, even down to a single bulb or fixture on your premises. This includes parking garage lighting, parking lot lighting, warehouse fixtures, building wall packs, soffit lighting, and spotlights, as well as general premise lighting. We even do basic wiring and troubleshooting. Let us come handle pesky outages that affect your business’s image, security, as well as the safety of your customers.

Fluorescent Light Repair

If you’re looking for a solution to lighting large areas, such as parking garages and office buildings, we highly recommend using fluorescent light bulbs. They have a long life which is a huge benefit for areas of that size. While it may be tempting to handle fluorescent light repairs yourself, it’s better to have our sign technicians tackle them as improper installation or repairs can be dangerous. We have the equipment and training to keep your business employees and customers safe.

fluorescent light repair

Neon Light Repair

Neon lights have an iconic glow that’s difficult to replicate artificially. It comes from rarefied gasses, and those gasses require careful handling during installation and repairs. Over time neon lights will begin to show dim areas which are a result of the gas leaking out of cracked bulbs. Dim or blacked-out patches can make your sign unreadable which can also, unfortunately, drive customers away. Don’t let that happen to your business! Call us today for any of your neon light repair needs.

Neon Light Repair
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