Sign & Lighting Repair and Maintenance in Detroit

YESCO Detroit provides various sign and lighting manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and repair services for the government and the general public. In this challenging time, we provide critical service in particular to hospitals, gas stations, grocery stores, financial institutions, government entities, and other essential businesses.

Here at YESCO Detroit, we are the local experts for all of your sign and lighting needs! Whatever the need, we have the experience, the skill, and the proper equipment to help.

Sign Service in Detroit

At YESCO Detroit, we specialize in both electric and non-electric signs, all things LED (including electronic message boards), and all other kinds of signage. Whether your sign is LED, illuminated channel letter, a pole sign, electronic message board, pylon sign, building, or a monument sign, we are your go-to organization for whatever might be wrong with it. Do you have burned-out light bulbs or worn-out signs? We got it. Are other electrical components malfunctioning? We can take care of that too. Is the sign face faded, busted, or cracked? We’ll replace it. Whatever the issue, we will take good care of all your sign service needs.

Sign Service Example

Lighting Service in Detroit

We are your team for all other lighting service needs as well! Whether it’s premise, parking lot, building, or garage lights, we have you covered. We repair outages, damaged fixtures and poles, and electrical problems with the same expertise as we do your signs. We are committed to getting you a quick and cost-effective resolution.

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We realize that the appearance of your business has a direct bearing on its success, and we are committed to putting in the work to ensure this aspect of your business is functioning properly. Our experienced technicians are ready to do what it takes to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and to the highest quality. Give us a try and let us impress you with our service!