Galeana’s Van Dyke Dodge Ram & YESCO

Galeana’s Van Dyke Dodge Ram is located on Van Dyke Ave in Warren, Michigan. Galeana’s sells and services Dodge Ram vehicles in the greater Warren area. Purchase a new or used Dodge Ram vehicle from Galeana’s through their very user-friendly website:


Galeana’s pledges to provide a professional, knowledgeable, transparent shopping experience on the best selection of Dodge and Ram products. Trained sales staff will provide you, not only great prices and payments but also respect your most precious assets: time and money.

Galeana’s Service Center had close to 100 lighting fixtures in their building. The previous fixtures were 2 and 4 tube, T8 and T12 fluorescent bulb style fixtures. Unfortunately, those lights were not bright enough for the mechanics to see into engines and under the hoods. On top of that, the old lamps were inefficient, wasting energy and money. Most of them wore headlamps or had extra flashlights set up in order to see what they were doing, creating a challenge and causing frustration. In this case, more lights were not better, what they needed were brighter lights. Galeana’s was an existing customer of ours, so when they were ready to upgrade their shop lighting, they gave us a call.


Our technicians and Master Electrician worked hard replacing over 125 existing T12 and T8 style fixtures. For the majority of the installation, we were able to use a 19-foot lift to reach the old fixtures. Areas not accessible with the lift required ladders to reach the old fixtures. Once the old fixtures had been removed and properly disposed of, the new fixtures were wired and installed as a 1 for 1 replacement. The new LED fixtures required a 10ft whip extension wire to reach the outlets which the technicians prefabbed at our shop before heading to the job site. The new LED fixtures are much brighter, have a uniform color, use less energy, and are more cost-effective than the old T8 and T12 light fixtures.  The entire shop is so much brighter! Our Master Electrician carefully planned where each new LED fixture would be placed based on the type and amount of workstations below. Our crew worked closely with Galeana’s crew to ensure that they would have the perfect amount of lighting at each service station. Headlamps for the mechanics are no longer necessary! While we were there, we also installed two new exit signs along with new LED lighting in both of their Service Sales offices.

The new YESCO fixtures will save Galeana’s approximately $30,000 over the next ten years in maintenance alone along with reducing their energy bill significantly over the life of the fixtures. You can even see the difference in pictures! Their shop looks much brighter and cleaner with new LED lighting. The many mechanics that work at Galeana’s Van Dyke Dodge Ram are now able to see the engines they are working in without using additional lighting. Replacing fluorescent lighting can improve overall health by eliminating the striating flickering lights that cause headaches and sick days. Brighter is always better, don’t let dim lighting slow you down anymore! Thank you to our friends at Galeana’s for this opportunity to help upgrade their business.

No Job Is Too Big Or Too Little | Business Sign & Lighting Repair

YESCO, a business that is over 100 years old, has expertise in business sign & lighting repair. For our team of experts, no job is too big or too small.

Recently, YESCO Detroit had the pleasure of working with the GM Renaissance Center on its iconic electronic monument sign.

YESCO’s expert technicians also installed new LED lights for the loading dock at a hotel in downtown Detroit. These lights were bright enough to light up the parking lot and the beautiful mural.

Your Local Sign Repair Experts

Our team routinely has the opportunity to service a variety of sign repair jobs, many of which are for franchises around southeast Michigan. From pylons to wall packs, we are able to diagnose and repair signs and lighting to keep your business properly lit. 

We also have experience with stadium lighting. From little to big jobs, Yesco Signs and Lighting can handle it. With a variety of equipment and skills, we are able to install upgraded lighting that is brighter as well as more energy-efficient. 

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Yesco Detroit is proud to service the Renaissance Center in Detroit. We love seeing Detroit’s skyline fully lit!