Lighting Retrofit

YESCO Hampton Roads takes pride in offering lighting retrofit services! If you are considering updating any interior or exterior fixtures or any sign on your building or property, we can work with you to help you choose the right lighting. Between our industry knowledge, years of experience, technical expertise, as well as our access to the best products, there really is no better team around to help you make the switch.

The Benefits of Retrofit Lighting

Many customers come to us in hopes of finding a cost-saving lighting solution. Retrofit lighting will accomplish just that in two ways. The first is seen in your monthly power bill; less energy is needed to power these systems so you’ll end up having a lower power bill. The second is seen in the maintenance costs over time. These systems use energy efficiently which puts less strain on the bulbs and prevents burnout. A third benefit, while not directly tied to your bottom dollar, is the reduced environmental impact these systems have. Less maintenance and energy use is a greener way to go all around!

Retrofit Lighting Repair

We’re confident in our work and know that our systems will require far less maintenance than less-efficient lighting systems do; however, we know that accidents, such as freak weather, can happen which can damage your retrofit lighting system. In these events, our YESCO team is ready and able to handle any types of retrofit lighting repairs that may be needed. Let us help you get back to saving money by making your retrofit lighting system fully functional once more. Call us today!