Lighting Retrofit

YESCO Indianapolis is leading the charge when it comes to energy-efficient lighting retrofit services! Whether you are considering updating your parking lot lights, parking garage fixtures, interior or exterior building lighting, or even your signage, we are prepared to help you do it at the biggest bang for your buck.

The Benefits of Retrofit Lighting

Retrofit lighting is the process of switching out less-efficient lighting structures to a more energy-efficient solution. You’ll end up seeing savings in two ways; the first is in your monthly power bill, and the second is in maintenance costs over time. Give us a call today or shoot us a service request and our service manager will be happy to start working with you on this!

Retrofit Lighting Repair

Occasionally your retrofit lighting will need a repair; fortunately, YESCO technicians are there to help. Weather and freak accidents are unpredictable and can be frustrating to deal with but our sign technicians are happy to repair any damages quickly and efficiently. Call us today for your retrofit lighting repair needs!