Parking Lot Lighting Repair

Parking lot lighting repair can be a constant headache for a property management firm or a business owner. Many things depend on a fully lit parking lot such as Insurance claims, theft occurrences, customer safety, employee safety, and vandalism to property. Let YESCO take this headache from you by designing a custom made maintenance agreement for your parking lot lights. For a fixed monthly cost we will:

  1. Survey your lights at night each month
  2. If an outage is found, we repair it within 72 hours
  3. Report on the outage that was repaired, but does not send you an invoice for the repair.

Each repair is included in the fixed monthly cost of the maintenance agreement. If you constantly have to rely on employees to report an outage, then wait for a vendor to get around to it, just to have sticker shock when you receive the bill, let YESCO handle your parking lot lighting repair for you.