Your Nebraska Sign & Lamp; and Lighting Repair Company

Welcome to YESCO, your local sign and lighting expert! YESCO (The Young Electric Sign Company) is one of the oldest and most respected companies in our field. In fact, we helped build this industry. Since 1920 we have been providing the best in service to our clients across a variety of areas, and would relish the opportunity to come do the same for you. Below is a list of our services, as well as a brief overview of each:

Sign Repair and Servicing: We service LED, Neon, Electronic Messaging Boards, Lit Channel Letter Signs, Pylon and Pole Signs, all other Electric Signs, Monument and Non-Electric signs. You would be hard pressed to present us with something we can’t fix, and even more hard pressed to find another repair team with more experience.

Lighting Repair and Servicing: In addition to sign repair, we take care of all sorts of other lighting needs. From parking lot lights, to garage and warehouse lights, to building and premise lighting, we are your number one to get the job done right!

Maintenance Contracts: Did you know that we send out our “spotting” team on regular patrols to check on out client’s signs and lights–and for free? Our hope is to identify and bring to your attention outages and problems even before you see them. And especially before your customers do! Additionally, we can set up a maintenance agreement that, for a set fee each month, covers any and all repairs that we might spot on our rounds. This allows you to account for all sign expenses in your monthly budget, rather than on the fly when they go out.

Sign and Lighting Retro Fit: Another service we offer that applies to both signs and lighting is what we call a lighting retro fit. This opportunity involves switching out your current lighting fixtures and components, and replacing them with high efficiency versions. In addition to improved performance, these new updates entail huge cost savings by drastically cutting energy consumption each month, as well as requiring significantly less frequent replacement. What’s more, you might not even have to pay for the whole job yourself, as many power companies are offering generous subsidies to organizations that make the switch. Let us come take a look today at how we might be able to help you boost your bottom line!